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Jumpy DVD playback on TV

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bilbosh Suspended due non-functional email address
I have burned a movie on my PC from an AVI to DVD using Nero, Xilisoft DVD Creator and Intervideo Win DVD Creator.

Each copy jerks as it scrolls sideways - jumpy like.

This is a common problem I have found.

What is the cause of this problem? Playback of original avi fiole on WMP or Power DVD on the computer is fine.

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Try another converter and check the output before you burn...then burn manually to avoid wasting a disc. DVD Flick should do, here is a guide:

bilbosh Suspended due non-functional email address
Thanks m8.

Will check it out.

You are very welcome...good luck.

I had the same problem using ConvertX, I found that the problem came in when I was converting NTSC to PAL when I left it on NTSC the problem was solved.
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