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Friidump , an alternative to rawdump

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For those who have trouble with rawdump, there has been a new open source program released that supports currently windows and linux, but will possibly support more in the future. Here is the link:

Currently if you have rawdump working fine, then there is no benefit to going to this program, as it is a bit slower than rawdump.

Sorry if this was already mentioned here, I glanced and didn't see it, so I figured I would post about it.
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OMG! Thankyou so much, it picks up the drive and is currently imaging a disc for me! I dont care if its slower, as long as it works!

I'll let everyone know how i go later and if anyone is having any difficulties (For instance you need to open it up with CMD in windows) let me know.

figured ill bump this since it seems lots of people are having issues with rawdump
can someone pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help me with friidump
I posted a miniguide! Check it out.
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