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What is the max temperature for GPU's and CPUs...

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What is the max temperature for GPU's and CPU's that is considered a safe level?

I was playing teamfortress 2, and i had SpeedFan running in the background. When i checked the temperatures, it said my core Temperature was 53C and had a little flame symbol next to it. My CPU was staying at a steady 25C. Im guessing my core temperature is the temperature of the videocard? Here are the readouts from speedfan after i installed my second videocard:

Here are the readouts.
System: 23C
CPU: 25C
Core:46C <-- 8600GT

I used rivatuner to reduce the OC on both my videocards to minimum, and also increased fan speed to 100%.

Now, while watching Orthos, the only thing that rises in temperature is the AUX which goes up to 54C. everything else stays relatively steady in temperature. it wont be final till tomorrow, but does that sound about right while its going?

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Those temps are fine. Actully, 53C for a graphics card is quite low. You should only be alarmed if the temps get above 80C.

Power supply: nah, get this instead

The 8800GTS 320MB is reasonably powerful (although the 768MB GTX is 50% faster in top titles, at least!) but it doesn't have enough memory for my liking. You should really have at least 512MB these days.
CPU, Case, Motherboard and RAM are all fine, as are the hard disk and optical drives.

The core temp is for the CPU and not for the graphics card, but because Speedfan measures the temperature of the core inside, that temperature's fine. Cores can be allowed to get to 70C without any issues. The 25C reading isnt actually measuring anything, it's a bug in speedfan you get sometimes (your CPU will never be as cool as 25C!) Speedfan can't measure the temperature of your graphics card. For that I recommend ATitool or Everest.
AUX is the temperature of your CPU die. 54C is quite high, but perfectly acceptable.

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