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ISO/Image checker Verifier????

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Does anyone know of any software that can check an iso/dvd image is OK i.e. 100% non corrupt--- before I burn it to a DVDR

Obviously there is plenty of software out there for burning and verifiying directly after--- however my problem is that its errored in the verify after burning and by this time I have already wasted a disk !!

any help greatly appreciated!!!!

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Try to open it with VLC. That may not 100% detect faults as VLC is pretty fault tolerant, but if it plays chances are pretty good the image is good.
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thanks however I'm not prepared to sit and watch a full movie to see it has bad sectors I need a quick scan of an image etc before burning or software to do that !

Images can be perfect in places and error in the last 5 minuts etc so I need a quick image checker etc?

chances are there's probably not one for this job but hey someone may know of something?
Yes thanks but most of the time I only have the Image itself
Originally posted by gamewooky:
Yes thanks but most of the time I only have the Image itself
What else would you need? Open Imgburn in "build" mode and browse to your image and perform a "test burn"

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