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ipod is being used by another application(hiding)

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So when I tell Itunes to eject, or even the computer to do it, they both say that files are being used by another application, an application I cant find, So I have to do the unfriendly pulling of the plug.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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You should see an icon down on the right hand side , beside the clock , "Safely Remove Hardware"

Right click on it choose "Safely Remove Hardware" and when when you get the pop up box you get another pop up box , choose the drive you iPod is plugged into and click stop , then you can remove your iPod
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when I said I tried having the computer do it, thats what I was reffering to, and when I try that it says the device generic volume cannot be stopped right now. try stopping the device again later.
I seriously wouldn't consider just unplugging the ipod without warning if it can be helped. Especially in Vista, as my iPod Photo, granted is getting on a bit these days, has major corruption problems (no music listed on it, skips through songs without playback, sad ipod icon) if I just unplug it.

Although it is as I say gettign on a bit but I've noticed a whole lot more corruption problems including a lot more of the sad ipod faces or folder with exclamation marks happening since I installed vista (reason for mrdrumz to ditch vista number 142 haha!)
well, none of this actually helps.
well you asked for idea sand suggestions. I think we posted some pretty viable ones.

You want a sure fire fix? Unplug it when you restart your computer. I know that's a bit inconveniant but it is guaranteed to work. If you have your ipod in disk mode then some applications (hard disk monitors, anti-virus) will be accessing ti like an extra hard drive. Just think of all th epossible programs that can use a hard drive in that manner.

In my experience if the ejct in itunes doesn't work then the icon at the bottom right as celtic71 said normally works.
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