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Is Winmx working. I cant get into it.

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DanWilson Inactive
Hi, i'm wondering if someone can help me. For the last 4 days. Everytime I click
on the Winmx icon, my mouse will dissappear and I have to shut off the computer and turn to the computer back on. I cant get into Winmx. I thought maybe my Winmx was corrupted. I uninstalled Winmx, then reinstalled it. Same thing happened when I reinstalled it. Every time I click on The WinMx icon, my mouse would dissapear and I have to shut off the computer and turn the computer back on to get into the internet. But I cant get into Winmx. Now I clicked on the RealAudio icon. I was able to get into that. I also click on the Windows Media icon. I was able to get into that. What do you think is the problem. Thanks
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That's a bummer, man. I wouldn't survive long without my WinMX. FYI they've updated a bit, so I'd recommend you just delete the installer you have now and go get the newer one. If that doesn't work then you might try doing a run-through of system maintenance (scandisk, defragment, antivirus), and then clean out your cookies (LavaSoft's "Ad-Aware"). If all that STILL won't make it work, then I guess your comp just has an ethical objection to WinMX, and you're SOL.
I think Bearshare is the only comprable alternative at that point, though it doesn't have integrated chat nor support multipoint d/ls (last time I checked anyway). All the others (Kazaa, Audiogalaxy, ect.) have more grievous faults; ads and rumored spyware.
Hope that helps.
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