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How to rip DVD movies with 5.1 channel audio and burn them to DVDR?

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Hi everyone, I need help on burning a DVD movie to DVD-R with 5.1 channel audio. Actually i've already rip the audio from the movie using SmartRipper with stream processing and selected the 6-Channel audio. It then will gave me a 6Ch audio file in .AC3 extension. But the problem i'm having is how to convert that to be a 5.1 channel wave file for me to do the authoring. I've previously success in making VCD & SVCD in stereo only, which is only 2 channels. And i've heard that wave files can only support 2 channels, but i also seen DVD-R movies that's in 5.1 channel, so i was wondering how can you convert from the .AC3 audio file to be a 5.1 channel wave file.

On thing that i need to declare first is that i don't like .MP3 format for the audio, because the quality is not as good as wave. Please help, thank you!
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try using dvddecriptor of the WHOLE DVD and then use ifoedit to strip steams from the film only and just keep the 5.1 channel ( not dts ) you will end up with a file to burn direct to dvd-r without any need for mc3 etc. etc.
Thanks for ur advice, however, i did managed to use BeSweet to create a 5.1Ch wave, but the size is so damn big that's impossible to burn to a DVD-R. Now i think there's two choices for me, either convert the .AC3 file to .MP3 format or use IFOedit like you say (which i really hate using IFOedit, i think it's too complicated).

Umh.. The AC3 you get out, is the file you put to the DVD-R. 6ch = 5.1. Only thing what you need is to have an authoring software that supports AC3 import.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)
Can you suggest a authoring program for me to use? I have SpruceUp and Ulead DVD Movie Factory, I think SpruceUp doesn't support .AC3 format, and i haven't try Ulead yet.
I wanted to use DVDit PE, but i can't find it anywhere....
hi, SpruceUp does support ac3, i've used it myself.
Its the only authoring package, i Know of which does support ac3/5.1
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