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What Disc to Use to Burn Wii & PS2 Games

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What disc should I use to burn Wii and PS2 games? I am looking for a cheap but working brand. No need to give me a link to the product. Just tell me a good brand.

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The Wii's are really picky on what kind of media you use! You have to find out yourself to see what the Wii likes to play! I used TDK DVD+R's and I thought they worked for me, but after a while they really sucked! So you just gotta find out on your own! I say just buy like a 3 pack (or less if they have any) and just experiment!

I'm using Verbatim DVD+R. Works fine to burn wii games. Some will say stick with DVD-R but I have yet to have problems with dvd+r. I've heard some others use Taiyo Yuden as well
Do you know a good brand for PS2?
There are too many brands to list,so could someone take a look HERE and tell me which brands I should buy. I don't want just the best one, I want all the recomended ones(unless there is only one which I highly doubt).
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I've used Memorex for burning Xbox 360 games, and they worked pretty well! I would just prefer Verbatim for the Xbox 360!

I have these Fujifilm DVD-RW that I bought a long time ago but never used. Do you think these would work? I can't burn games yet, but pretty soon. I am waiting for my DVD Drive to come to my house.
dude it will work ..any discs work.and fujifilm is good.i buy only fujifilm.a bit expensive but good quality.
DVD-R Taiyo Yudens (Hands Down!)for both the Wii and PS2 @ $40.00 per 100 pk. There is no other option if you ask me.
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