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uTorrent Error: There is not enough space on the disk

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I'm a regular user of uTorrent and I've been overall happy with its performance. But now every time I open a torrent, the download starts, maybe downloads a tiny bit, and then stops. The message reads, "Error: There is not enough space on the disk" and the download goes back to 0.0%. But the file I'm downloading is 700MB, and I've got over two GB of hard disk space left. Using other programs like Azureus yields the same results. I use windows ME, and I've been reading about FAT32 vs. NTFS, which apparently doesn't apply to ME, but all of the answers talk about files over 4GB, which mine clearly isn't - I generally download files no larger than 700MB, one at a time. So, does anyone have any answers? Any help would be appreciated.
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I am having this exact same problem. If someone knows how to remedy this please let me know! Its quite the PITA!
Just a bit more detail. Im trying to DL a 4.2 gig DVD to a 750 gig WD My Book. There is over 500 gigs space available and its only a few days old. BUT I also have a 150 gig WD external and it does it to that as well. I have plenty of space but still no download.
....aaaand I just answered mine and Aidan2209's question:

Sorry for the waste of space.
Didn't wanna start a new thread since its based on the same topic,

Say my drive wasn't FAT, and was already NTSC
And i got the same error because of lack of space and was brought on a couple days after(because i did check that i had enough space), it's just that someone else downloaded more files, non-torrent ones to the same drive

Well i made enough space,
but is it safe to continue on with those downloads, or is there gonna be some weird fragmentation, something to screw me in the long run??
It would be safe to use the same ones.

Bittorrent downloads are always fragmented til complete. Torrents are very easily stopped and re-started.
Your bittorrent client will fill in any missing areas and you will have a complete copy.
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Hey thanks a lot man, I appreciate it
No problem.
Its always good to see that someone actually comes back and reads answers.

Have a good New Year.
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