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Sony Vegas Codecs?

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hi i'm having trouble with playing avi. files(which have 3ivx D4 4.5.1 Pro Video Codec)on Sony Vegas 6. Everytime I open the file and play it on Vegas the video is all black and corrupted but the audio is fine. I thought my computer might be missing the codec but when I played the file on windows media player it was perfectly fine.So i think it's just the codec in the program that's missing or something.
I've used Vegas before and it was working perfectly until i tried upgrading it to Vegas 8 PRO. Now both have the same problem and i don't know what's causing the problem. can someone please help?
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Sony Vegas does not work with Divx or Xvid. I use it and the workaround is to use something like tmpg and convert it to an mpeg, then load it into vegas. When you load these avi's , you should notice that only the audio portion was accepted, not the video. What I usually do is use tmpg, then after rendering it, use vegas to render the audio for surround sound so that I have two or three audio tracks to choose from. Vegas has more features than tmpg for editing and it is good. I have used tmpg and then rerendered it in vegas adding more color, sharpness, ect. It still comes out good, but it is time consuming. I would only suggest that you do all this if the movie is worth it.If not, stick with tmpg for the small things.

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