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A data DVD with a file system of CDFS??

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So I was surprised when I put my DVD/DL full of files into my other XP machine and found it couldn't read it. Put it back into this one (the one that burned it) and it worked and showed me all the files. I noticed that the file system was shown as CDFS. I'm not too sure what that is or why other XP machines can't read it. It was burned thru Nero, just a standard DVD/DL full of files.

I'd like these DVD's to be able to be read on any machine.

Could someone explain what CDFS is and why it can't be read on other computers?

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Compact Disk File System

What format did you choose in Nero for the disk, UDF or ISO 9660? CDFS is from Win 95/98 I think and part of ISO 9660. UDF might be better but I don't know as I don't use DL disks for data.

Try opening Windows Media Player and see if that being open allows your system to access the disk via explorer. I think the system file is CDFS.sys that allows reading the file, but I've never encountered the problem you're experiencing so I'm just throwing out some possible hints. Hopefully someone who knows for sure can answer your question definitively.
I'm not too sure where to choose the format....I'm using the latest version of Nero 6.6.1 and have looked thru all the options and the only thing I can find is "Book Type" setting in the "Recorder Options". It was set on "Auto", but I can choose "DVD-ROM", "Physical Disk Type" and "Current Recorder Settings". I imagine DVD-ROM is what I want, but I dont know I that will just use CDFS again.

Being an older format CDFS is, I woul imagine XP should be able to handle it? I just find it odd that the only XP machine that can view it is the one that burned it.
It may just be that your disk isn't readable by the other drive. Is the other drive a DL burner as well? Not all drives read burned media, especially DVD-ROM drives and especially DL media.

I seem to recall that WMP can cause some disks with CDFS to be recognized if opened which is why I suggested it. As for burning, there are a bunch of formats to choose from in the Burning ROM program in the Nero suite. I likely would use the default which is what you did I guess.

I'd be careful about using DL media for any important data backup.
Hey I tried with WMP open and still no go.

I'm pretty sure its not the drive because they are both combos and can read write everything. As well as the drive on the computer that can't read the disc has burned the exact same discs (thru Roxio tho) fine and can be read by other computers. Although an interesting fact is that "My Computer" lists the file system for those disks as "Unknown" yet they seem to be able to be read by all computers. They are Verbatim, so again I'm pretty sure its not the media.

As for your warning about DL discs, what is wrong with them? I do like the idea having half as many, but if there is some serious flaw, then I guess I'll just have to settle for many more dics.
Burned DL disks are just harder to read than SL, meaning there's a somewhat increased chance of losing data imo. I also don't think there's been any research done w/r to longevity. I use hard disks for primary backup and SL DVDs for secondary backup and sometimes additional hard disks. Long story short, I never archive anything important to DVD unless there's a separate hard disk backup as well.

I think UDF is now the format most often used for data DVDs. You might try that and see if that works for the other system. Or try reinstalling the OS. You're not running InCD or Drag to Disk, are you?
Good point on the DL....but I as for hard disks I always thought they were riskier than media, just because of potential failure?

Anyways....No I'm not running Incd or any drag and drop software. For UDF I'm not sure how to burn using it, as there is no options in Nero. I just installed IMGBURN so maybe it has more control over file systems? Any idea what Nero uses for data dvd/cd?

But the good news is that I ran DVDIdentifier on the other computer that couldn't read the disks, and then after that alas! It could read the DL and RW Disks!! So there is obviously something up with that machine.....any idea?? I know I turned Autorun off, so maybe that has something to do with it? Like it needs to be manually switched on to read certain formats??

Anyways, thanks for your insight
Yeh, it sometimes just takes another program to trigger. I honestly don't know if it's the OS or the drive at this point. You might try starting over with a virgin OS. There might be something corrupt in the registry or conflicting software.

I guess I should distinguish between backing up and archiving.

I backup data stored on the HDD and that will remain stored on the primary HDD to a second HDD. If I removed data from primary online storage to archive, I will burn it to DVD but still maintain a backup copy on a secondary hard disk.

In all likelihood a DVD will last years longer than a HDD, but except for archiving, the backup HDD is constantly refreshed as I routinely backup the primary so if the backup HDD fails, the data is still on the primary and can be backed up to a new backup HDD or v.v. I guess the point is to always have a backup and never rely on just one source. I just don't like using DVD or CD as the backup to primary storage. It would take too long and take too many disks for me. I like to use a mirroring RAID so that everything is automatically written to more than one disk in the first place. I then routinely backup from the RAID to another HDD everything I consider irreplaceable.
i have the same problem:
i dont have internet access at home so i go to my friends house to d/l music, movies, etc and then i burn them on to dvd and bring them home (data dvd).

I use Nero 7 to burn the dvd's. He has windows xp home. I used to have windows 2000 server and the dvd's always worked, never burned one that didnt work. Recently i just upgraded to XP Pro and the other day i burned 3 dvd's and none of them work. Yesterday i took the discs back to my friends house and his computer reads them fine. But when i put them in my computer my dvd drive name changes to CD-ROM and the disc shows up as blank. Normally it would say the name of the disc ie MyDisc. And nothing i have reads them, ive tried dvd decrypter, isobuster, nothing finds data on them. But the data is there you can see it when you look at the bottom and plus his computer reads them fine and i think if i went back to windows 2k server mine would too, what do i have to do to make my comp read them?

i should also tell you that all the other dvds i have can be read on my computer at home whether theyre movies, data disc, whatever, cause i back up all my stuff on dvd and all my backup discs can be read, but the 3 new ones cant.

and like i said they can be read at his house so i can take them back there, and copy the data and re-burn them but i want to figure out why my computer wont read them

and i should add that if i try to access the drive with a cmd prompt while one of the 3 discs are in it i get unknown file system error or file system unknown, somethin like that
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I feel your pain brother, especially since you NEED those discs to get your music.

Maybe you changed media and now they can't be read?

And just to confirm, is ANY data dvd or cd written using CDFS??
ok i went back to my friends house and copied the discs back on to his computer and then i burned with nero 7 and used burning rom instead of nero express and i set the type of dvd data disc to udf and the were read at my house so that was a good enough solution for me and actually udf and udf/iso work i tested both but im not using the default setting ever no more
Good to know, glad it worked out. Just outa curiousity, do you know what the default setting is? I only have express so I'd like to know what it is.
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