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Convert AVI(XviD) to MPEG2 with T@b Media Converter

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Deleted at request of copyright holder.
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Nice one J :)

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varnull Suspended account
Thanks K :)

Just to add.. I normally use this for those pesky rmvb files. Rename them to foo.rm and go for it. :lol:
tripplite Suspended due non-functional email address
nice,t@b is now going to be one of my favorite apps!

how come when i go on the website it doesn't show me a download link??
varnull Suspended account
I assume people have the first clue how web pages work ;)

It's under products tab on the left
Glad I found this one. I did a movie with DVD Santa and it has a thing on the bottom of the screen that says "buy dvd santa for $29.99". This one seems easier too and its free. Would recommend this one instead.
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