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Watching DiVX on USB(pendrive) via boot CD on a PS2

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Can anybody help me?
After reading for days on end on this website an having destroyed about 10 CDs I could need some help.
Apparently it is possible to put a DiVX player and a couple of movies on a USB stick (pen drive) boot up my PS2 with a special CD and play the movies on the usb stick.
For what it is worth, my PS2 plays audio and video (DVD / VCD) from copied disks.
I have the following burning programs to my use:
Nero Express 6
Burnatonce v 0.99.5
Can anybody help me achieve this? Does anybody have a readymade ISO witch does boot my PS2 and give me the opportunity to look and run from my USB stick?

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thanx a ton bro
i have been all methods since last nite to get my ps2 to play movies from my external have spent 9 hours and 12 useless cds and finally read ur tutorial and it worked the second time( first time i used nero to burn the image dint work) alcohol 120% worked
so thanx again now i dont need t o waste space on buying anew divx dvd player and ps2 has become like my media centre
im a doc and u need any help just ley me know
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thanks a lot guys. Just for the others knowledge. I have just done those to play divx/mp3 files in PS2(79001) slimline without modchip:

- bought swap magic 3.8
- downloaded SMS player as described in this thread.
- renamed the .ELF file as SMBOOT0.elf(SWAPMAGIC.ELF didnt work for auto start), put it on a folder named SWAPMAGIC
-- copied that SWAPMAGIC folder + movie file into 1GB USBKEY.
- rebooted PS2 with SWAP cd, launced SMBOOT and SMS player was there. pressed start, in the device settings enabled Autostart USB, then Start USB settings. Then I was able to browse the USB key to select my file. then there it was my movie in widescreen TV.
-- did exactly same steps for my moives in the USB external HDD, it was smooth as well.

thanks again.

ps2 scph 79001
Hello to everybody!I have done all the above to play divx movies and it worked fine with a 1gb usb stick but when I use a new usb stick 4gb size and go to mass the ps2 freezes and nothing happens!Can anyone please help me to solve this?
One other thing is with the subs.....the movie starts ok with subs but after a while no subs displayed!when I turn the movie back or forward subs display again but after a while the same!
since you can see the movie with 1gb usb stick, it seems you have successfully installed SMS player and etc. Did you format the usb stick before you copied SWAPMAGIC folder? Maybe that could help. For the subs issue, I would try using differen versions of SMS from

ps2 scph 79001
I have formatted again and again and nothing happens fat32 is the format.Thanks for replying!
Could the problem be the 4gb?Is it too much for ths ps2 to read from a usb?or a compatibility issue?
it sounds like that. If you need bigger size, why dont you use an external usb harddisk, if you have one of course...

ps2 scph 79001
I need bigger size to transfer movies etc. I think I will buy a divx player.....
Ok so guys I did the whole tut above tried it with Alcohol 120 nero eand ven took the files off the bin file and created a new bin file with CDGENPS2 and still no go... I am wondering if there is anything that I can do to get this thing to work..

I dont have a modded ps2.. so would it still work??

I have the old fat ps2 not the slimline..

is there a type of CD I need to burn to get this thing to work? really excited because I know that many people have tried this and it has worked for the most part... so hopefully you guys can help! :-D
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I have tried this using nero and an unmodified ps 2 (not slim line) and well it didnt work....Is there anyone out there that got it to work using a normal ps2
Ok sup firekid. so I did a crap load of research on watching divx movies on ps2. I believe I can talk about ps2 Memory Card exploit? on this forum. well if not I only referenced it once.. just search online for tut. It works amazing!! I use SMS player and I can watch practically anything!! its amazing!! haha

so if you want to watch divx from pen(usb) drive then i think mc exploit is the way to go..

btw you can not burn ps2 running DVD's or CD's because if that was possible then anyone could burn illegal games(which I dont recommend because if you get caught lets just say its not pretty so dont do it) and that obviously is not possible.

all those launching CD's out there that say "just follow my tut" they have a modded ps2 or swap magic so basically just stick with the mc exploit and I think it will do its magic.
Do you put the ELF file and Movie at the root of the USB?
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Just place the elf file and movie directly on the usb, together. Worked great for me.
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so......let me try to understand this....this would not work unless your PS2 is modified?
Correct, you have to have some way of booting up a copied disc.
My TV is a PAL television so this uLaunchElf is not visible properly,is there anyway to convert it into Pal or please provide a Pal version of it...
if u use sms software for playing the media it lets choose pal as a setting and i had no problems playing it on my older pal supported ulaunch is not ur media player so its quality should not concern you
have fun
MC exploit y'all

ulaunch to launch sms player
then have a pen(usb) drive (with video files.) plugged in before you boot your ps2..
then sms player will "take your breath away"
hi everyone!

need some help so frustrated! Ok so burnt the ulaunch package (image) to a dvd+r. i have a modded ps2 (NTSC, SCPH-39001)and i can play backedup games and dvd movies, no problem. now for some reason, it will not load up Ulaunch!! all i get is the error reading disk with those annoying red clouds in the background to get you even more nervous lol!! first time i burnt the disk i used nero, and the second time i used DVDdecrypter just in case that would actually make a difference. Anyways, I don't know what could be wrong does anyone have any suggestions?!

thanks for the help
if it helps heres where i got ulaunch from:

I donwloaded the torrent unrared the ulaunch ntsc file and burnt the image to a dvd+r.
how shld i format the usb pen drive in order to make it work in slim ps2...which type of farmatting shld i use..... NTFS OR FAT32??

to tell you the truth I dont think it matter... but to save you some time if one of them doesnt work, set up everything and save it before you load it up to your usb... in other words, have it already made and set up before you put it on your USB to, once again, save your time when doing it...

um... yah honestly any type of work involved is gonna be payed off.. so dont give up on trying, even if you dont make it work at first.. it may take more than one try...
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