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How do I create a 7zip self extracting split archive?

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Ok, I need help.

To create a self extracting archive, I just check the "Create SFX archive" checkmark. But when I check this, it doesn't let me split the archive!!! I have a 300MB video clip that I want to share with my friends through, but since the max upload is 100MB, I need to split it.

And my friends always have problem extracting files, so I want them to be self extracting ones :-)

Thanks a lot!
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ok first split your video clip using the 100M type that into the split volume into bytes space, then after it is split put each piece into a sfx archive have them put all the pieces into one folder use the sfx and then recombine the video

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OK, even though that works, what I want to do is make my friend's lives easier.

I am using WinRAR right now, because it does exactly what I want. It makes a .part1.exe SFX archive, and then the rest of the files are .part2, .part3 etc. When you click the SFX archive, it automatically extracts the rest of the pieces.

How can I do exactly that in 7zip? I want to do it in 7zip because first of all, it compresses better; and second of all, Mediafire allows me to use password protected 7zip files, but not password protected RAR files. I don't want my files to be downloaded and used by everyone so I want to encrypt them, but Mediafire doesn't let me upload encrypted RAR files.

I'll keep my research on how to do this with 7zip. Thanks a lot!
ya the nature of 7zip is to be a pain in your bottom end... you see 7zip can't make a sfx that is also split... when you split an archive it makes an auto reassembler that is about the only thing close to sfx that 7zip can do, for now any ways... try searching Here
maybe some more answers of help can be found.... ** lol or get smarter friends.....
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getting smarter friends may be a great idea. Its a pain trying to explain these n00bs how to extract simple things.

They don't even know what extract means. Heck, they don't even know what a megabyte is.

Thanks a lot!!!
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