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Psp Fw, 3.10 oe-a upgrade to 3.52 M33-4

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please help i want to know the step by step on how to upgrade my psp from 3.10 oe-a to 3.52 m33-4. thanks..
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There's a good one HERE.
thank you for the link..i'll try this..
no porblem.
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It is the noobz (not that like to hex edit and take credit for homebrew from other developers it is aimed at, Sony will have simulators for the PSP so they could just step threw code to see what area it is effecting on the PSP to cause the exploit so will not stop them but will not make it easy for them.

real hackers could just do memory dump and other cool stuff to get at it, but why would a hacker whant to when he/she has better things to do like make there own homebrew.

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1) What does that have to do with anything?
2) Why is there a cell-phone website under your name?
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