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red haze on lcd tv help

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i bought a goodmans lcd a couple of months ago, there seems to be red hazey colour coming through, when picture format changes , can anybody shed any light on how to fix this problem, thanks
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Sa,e problem has just developed on my 37" DMTech TV (about 16 months old). It started a couple of days ago and cleared itself but it won't go away now. It's almost like using the 'solarize' feature on a photo manipulation program- the red seems to replace a lot of the black background. Sorry, I've not got an answer, but if I get one I'll answer it here- I fear though that this won't be cheap to fix!!!
..Just as an update, after switching on today, the screen reverted to 'normal' for a few minutes, then the 'red fuzz' came back.I then moved the set slightly and again it cleared for a few seconds..

Even more strange- I have the TV attached by DVI to my PC- If I go to the DVI input on the TV, the computer image displays PERFECTLY!!, The 'red Fuzz' is still there on either side of a 4:3 image, but the actual image is not affected by it like it is on any of the other inputs.
the same happens to my tv,, i wonder what it is,, when playing game consoles its fine,, can anybody please help
i got repair man out the other day,, and he said its a major prob with these tvs,,theres a scart in back of tv,, that has been coated with plastic to keep scart in place and this is causing the problem,, he had to peal plastic off scart and insert scart back into slot ,, my tvs been perfect ever since,, hope this is of help 2 u
Thanks for the reply- been without the net for several weeks (THANKS SKY!!) sdo only just seen your reply.

I've still got the issue here. When you say 'a scart on the back' do you mean one of the scarts for connecting external exuipment or was it something internal? I've tried taking out all of the connections -including the terrestrial aerial, and the problem is still there.

its internal,, i had the same problem again last week and they had to change a cable inside the tv,, the guy said if you clean the points of the scart inside the tv,, that normally solves the problem but it didnt in my case,, they had to change the LVDS CABLE,, inside the tv,, hope this is of help to you incase you know how to do this,, i think it will save you a pretty penny and looked easy to me
#8 internal scart connection?? Sound a bit like I might either kill myself of the telly if I start trying to do it myself.. getting anyone to look a DM Tech TV's is almost impssible.. I feel like I'm going round in damn circles!

Thanks for your help....
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