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How do I burn xbox & ps2 games with alcohol 120 % or nero

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mynus Suspended due non-functional email address
how do you copy a ps2 game with Nero i tried to bur nba ballas, and burnout 3 but it just stayed at the loading screen
what do i do
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If you have a mod chip and hdd in ur ps2, the best way is to use a program to copy the game to your hdd and then ftp the ps2 to ur cpu and copy the game from your xbox hdd to your pc hdd. Then use qwix or some program to make an iso and burn that iso to a dvd-r. Some programs claim they can copy games directly on the cpu but most of these programs don't work. You can't rip the game to your pc and burn it either. That won't work. So the best way is the one listed above.

mynus Suspended due non-functional email address
thanx but i dont have a hardrive, i have tried Nero and achole freetrial but it just goes to the loding screen and freezes am i doing it wrong or what
what did u use to rip the disc. I doubt that using a dvd ripper will work.

mynus Suspended due non-functional email address
i have to rip the disk?? what is that and what should i do
no you don't need to rip the disc. tell me the process you used to copy your disc.

mynus Suspended due non-functional email address
when i open Nero i click copy disk, then i chose my e drive(dvd burner) for the source and my destination. then i click next, then i put the file where i want it then i press burn
Don't use Nero. Use DVD Decrypter.

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Want to know how to make backups? Check here:
hey guys can anyone tell me how to back up xbox games ..iknow u need to burn a iso but dont know what that is i need step by step instruction if possible im using sonic to back up ps2 games does anyone know if it will work for xbox. thanks in advance
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i tried dvddecripter it didn't work, i folowed the instuctions to
You can't make an exact copy right on the computer. You need to use the xbox and do the above. And also you said you don't have a mod chip...then why are you making a copy of the game?

You guys need to understand that microsoft puts a 128 bit encryption on xbox games. It has never been cracked and never will, If you were rich as F*** and you built a super computer, it would take over 2^38 years (200000000000000000000000000000000000000 years) So the fastest and easiest way to do it is to get a modded xbox then transfer the iso image over
thank you very much dielawn. so now you guys understand that the easiest way is to have a modded xbox, preferably with an upgraded hdd, but the one on there works okay too, however it can only hold 8-10gb.

I did a little research a while ago, but there is an exception for PS2. You can use DVD Decrypter to extract the PS2 iso into your pc, then you can do what ever you want with it. cough cough :bittorrent: cough cough
And i forgot to metion in my first post, the speed this super computer would have to go at would be near 1 trillion different variations per second, an AMD 3400 is only 40-130 variations per minute, so you would need one hell of a super computer.
mynus Suspended due non-functional email address
ok im back
first,i do have a mod chip, second i don't have an x box, i have ps2
i have tryed dvd decryptor, Nero, acohol 120, if i did it wrong put the directions.
mynus, please go to the tutorials at, you obviously know nothing about xbox modding.
You guys are killing me. If you read the whole thread, you will get what you need out of it.


Gotta have a modchip for Xbox backups. (I like Xenium Ice - easy to use... plenty of room for plenty of bios files... has a HDD unlocker and formatter, and the iceguide is very easy to follow.

Gotta have a bios loaded to run an install disc like Firefuckers or Slayers.

Gotta have a Dashboard to run any apps, emulators, etc...

That being said... Use a X-0ver cable to connect from the PC to your Xbox. Configure your Ethernet adapter with an IP and a subnet. Configure your Xbox with an IP and that same subnet. The Gateway is the IP of your PC. Open Internet Explorer (Firefox no workie) and type "". The default username:password is xbox:xbox and the is the IP of the Xbox.

Now, you can browse anything in the HDD or the Disc in the drive! Just like picking through your own folders. Drag the files from the game into a folder somewhere on your PC and then use Craxtion to create an Xbox image that contains these files. Burn the image with Nero or Alcohol 120% and viola. (In Nero Express, open and existing project and then select the iso that you just built. Burn it slow, if your system resources are not up to par).

I don't even bother. My new HDD is big enough to handle a buttload of games and apps. I use DVD2Xbox to extract the backups straight to the HDD. If I wanna archive them and get them off of the HDD, I just use the same backup method, only I get the files from the HDD instead of the D:drive. Dig?


Gotta have SOME type of modification made to the box. If you don't have a modchip and bios and all of that jazz, you can do what I do.

You can use a physical mod coupled with software... ie. Cogswaploader + SwapMagic.

I have a chip that lets me eject without the system knowing it ejected. It thinks it just screwed up for a second. I still have to use SwapMagic and all of that. I made myself an install disc for Keylauncher and I use HDadvance to load games on my HD. Some games play with certain modes applied and some don't. If they don't, I just stuff the original in my PC and use DVDDecrypter to make the iso AND burn the ISO. (Gotta use SwapMagic to play the discs, tho).

A good place for PS2 questions is These guys RULE!!!

Next project for me will be figuring out the whole "add a second and third HDD to your Xbox" deal. After I get mo money, of course. ;) nooche
hey mm... im a total newbie. but i downloaded a xbox game and i want to run that game in my xbox, how do i do that. (and the game is in .iso format)
please tell me all the things that i need.
1. You need a mod chip
2. You need a new dash on ur xbox
3. You need to flash your mod chip
4. You burn the iso using dvd-decrypter or nero

Sooooo if it is already an iso (XBOX ISO!!!), then you can just burn that dude to a DVD and go. You can use the same method that is described in the thread. SHOOT! The hard part is done for you.

You didn't have to load the disc and then grab all the files via a x-over cable and rebuild them into an Xbox ISO. Just burn the image. I like Nero.
thx i got it!!!
i really did!!
Damn, it's pretty damn simple if you just read the good totorail on
it worked for me, and I only had 1 game that didn't fit on a disc (because I didn't had double layer yet)

SO just follow the instructions or just listen to me:P

step 1:connect your XBox to your PC/Router with a ethernetcable or something (I mean the same cable you use to connect your PC to the Router)

step 2: get "Flash FXP" and enter the right IP... leave its port!! be sure that downloading and uploading is NOT PASSIVE!!!

step 3: turn on your modded XBox and open the drive so it doesn't start up any game... you will now get the Avalaunch dashboad or whatever it's called. close your drive and don't start up a game.

step 4: let Flash FXP connect to your XBox (if it not works than you should change the optoins (because that also went wrong on my first time)

step 5: if it's connected you will see a couple of drives, the D drive is your disc drive or tray or whatever you want to call it. double click on the D drive an the files should appear, it can be over a 100 files or just 10 files with maps. on the left side you will see your PC stuff, create a new map in it and drag all the files from the D drive to your new map, this takes a wile... (you can't play any games on your XBox or else the programm will quit downloading the files..

step 6: get Craxtion (get the newest one, by the way, you can do the same as Flash FXP in Craxtion4, you can use that when your time trail is over)
click on "create an ISO", select the folder where your game is in and Craxtion will first patch the XBE files, and then you can create your XDVD ISO or something.

step 7: when Craxtion is finished you can close it...
now for the burning part. I use RecordNow DX, I haven't tryd it with Nero or Alchohol yet. it's pretty easy, just select your ISO file and change the optoins to closed disc, and use the lowest speed (because it will prevent errors.... YOU CAN'T BURN ANY DVD-RW DISCS WITH THIS PROGRAM, DON'T ASK ME WHY!!). after it's done you'll have your copied disc!! :D

I know there are other ways and you could try them, but for me this always works and if games are too big, you can put them on a Double-Layer disc, but they're expensive.....

(i'm not English or American so it could sound stupid sometimes)

Greetz, DRampage also called D-RaZeR (not on afterdawn)
omg, can people PLEASE stop asking how to burn xbox games with software and READ the forum!!
jeeez its getting ridiculous!

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sbaron178 Suspended account
Is there any specifi dvd that u haveto use to burn on?
(DVD+R, DVD-R...)Ive been using DVD+R and it hasnt worked yet.
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