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cant view psp memory stick folder

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i'm new or noob to psp community, i just got myself psp slim, ver 3.60 m33, i had SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, the problem is that i can't see any folder on my computer (WinXP), the psp folder structure, i connect via the usb, notice on computer shown removable disk e, check on the properties only shown 10MB, pls help, i'm so confused and frustrated
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Have you formatted your memory stick? Theres an option to do this on your psp under settings

It sounds to me like you bought a fake memory stick if it only shows 10mb in space on a 4gb stick.

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i had format the memomry stick on psp, confirm on psp shown 39++MB and it is working fine, but connect on my computer WinXP, is shown what is already mentioned
hmmmmmmmmmm............this is the same problem i had. i bought 1gb data usb and when i inserted in card reader in computer there was shown 400 mb i formatted it but stil the same problem. i am confused cause there is no data usb with 400 mb. there are 128 256 512 1gb etc etc but 400 mb never heard of it. i discussed this problem with my friend he said that the usb rest 600 mb capacity has been given password which has been locked so i cant use it. i dont know if this is true.
Where did you get the memory cards from? I read somewhere that people selling the memory cards on the internet are hacking them so that they display a larger size i.e. (1GB) but really are only 512MB. When you put the memory card into the computer, go to my computer and right click the memory card drive. What does it say? (free space and used space).

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i think, i also have a simillar problem with him. i bought a slim psp with 4 GB memory card, After a while playing, when i connected my psp to the pc in usb mode, i can only see font, dic and vsh folder. Somemore the size of my memory card only showed 40 MB!! Supprisingly when i put my memory card in another PSP, it able to show the ISO , Mpeg, Music, etc folder and the size is 4 GB!!.. i dont know if it is something to do with the setting of my psp or what. As of now, whenever i want to tranfer any new game to my ISo folder, i will need to use another PSP.. Anyone know why?

buy original magicgate. to check if your card is legit goto game or photo memory stick in XMB, click triangle-information. Should read MAGICGATE-SUPPORTED

4gb are cheap now,bought two for like 60 bucks each
8gb got for christmas

can't wait till next year--32gb Ooooooohhhhhh YYeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
my psp cant be read by my computer it was working two days ago but now it doesnt do anyting all it says on the psp is plz connect usb help

fat3.50cfm broke>slim3.71 pandora'sbattery>3.71m33. :)
will check with my friend computer, see how it turns out, cross finger,
yoyo23 did u enable the usb connection in psp
it shown 10mb on the winxp, folder are trash and ..., test it out on my friend pc, same problem, check the psp memory stick shown 3904MB and magicgate supported. wonder what wrong with my psp, currently running on 3.61 M33 version.
My friend got a 2GB Sony MS, theres a 4 working iso games..but when i connect to my PC only i can see 2 files MEMSTICK.IND & MSTCK_PRO.IND, i cant even put new folder. its like protected.
How to do that..?
@ Gugel

quote<i can only see font, dic and vsh folder. >

Better check to see if you have the MS set as the USB device in your vsh menu. That sounds like it might be flash?
correct, check under the vsh menu by pressing home or select under the xmb menu, option 4, usb point to memory stick, then it should be working fine,
have you tried formatting the mem stick on winxp and not on the psp.

sounds like a funny situation not heard of may problems like this.

try a program called filer (homebrew) see whether it shows a folder that you cant see on the pc (like a trash folder) it may have files in there that are taking all the mem up.

that is the problem i had ages ago even when i put show hidden folders on winxp i still couldnt see the folder but it showed loss of memory on the psp so i dont think this is the same problem

hope that helps out 0_<

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