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XBOX 360 Controller + N64 Project64 Emulator

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I have an Xbox 360 controller hooked up to my laptop (WinVista) using the charger/USB cable for the controller. I currently am using the emulator Project64 1.6. I went to Microsoft and downloaded the software for my Xbox controller and installed/rebooted successfully.

I then go into Project64 --> Options --> Configure Controller Plugin... --> Game Device (drop down list), and the only thing I get is "None."

I've tried going to: Project64 --> Options --> Settings --> Input (Controller) Plugin --> all the other options. Then back through the original options. Still, I get "None" as a result.

Any advice on how to get my Xbox 360 controller to work with Project64?
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Is your controller wireless? wireless controllers only work with computers if you have the official wireless adapter like I do. Plugging the controller in with the charger cable won't work. However, you can plug in a wired controller and it will work.

^ Like he stated simply using the play & charge kit does not actually connect it to your PC. Only by getting the "microsoft 360 wireless dongle" will it work.

Im using it right now actually and it works great with almost all games
Oohh! Okay, I gotcha now! I've been reading different forums out there and they all say that I can use my charger cable and it would work (but I'll be first to say... it doesn't). So that's what it comes down to then... I have to buy a new controller to play the roms. Okie doke... Thanks!
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