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DVD+R in player only displays root folder menu

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I have been using dvdfab for years and have hundreds of backups. Now, I have a new computer, new burner, and got the latest dvdfab and everything i burn, when inserted into my dvd player (that plays previously burned discs fine) i get a menu screen showing root folder and video_ts, instead of beginning the movie.

Anyone have this same issue, any suggestions? any info i can provide please help this is incredibly frustrating.

Thank you for your time.
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you need to enable auto-run for dvds. in "my computer" right clik the drive and go to properties, auto run tab. you got it from there
ah if only it were that simple. I am talking about a dvd player, not my computer. Thanks though.

My ACTUAL dvd player displays a file menu, NOT The dvd menu. when i put in a newly burned dvdr
ahhh... i see. perhaps it still is simple. Your dvd should ONLY have 2 folders on it video_ts and audio_ts. if they are in a folder, then it wont work. also, im not familiar with your software, but during the dvd authoring process, it NEEDS to be assigned a "first play". otherwise it will just sit there and do nothing. hope this helps. Merry Christmas!
just had another thought... if you use nero to burn, it will do a dvd compliance test. use "dvd video" mode, and drag ONLY the video_ts folder over to the left. after you tell it to burn, it will run the test
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