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need help accidently disconected my desktops cables

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i need to plug these 3 cables

into these slots in some order? (HELP!)

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On the mobo, it should tell you where to put the plugs. There should be small labels underneath each pin.

ok i cant figure it out

its says

HD LED= +1 -3
Power SW +6 -8
On the mobo, right above where is says "power" of "HDD" etc, then you plug in the pin there. It should tell you this in the manual.

pin 1 on the motherboard connector is indicated by the small white triangle.
motherboard connector
1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.
7. 8.
9. nc

HD LED will go from pin 1(red) to pin 3(white)
POWER LED will go from pin 2(green) to pin 4(white)
Power SW will go from pin 6(black) to pin 8(white)
And the illustrated version:

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also if you double check things and they seem right but still not working then you may have the polarity wrong,,,,just turn it around
Right. An LED hooked up backwards will not work and it will not hurt it if you do. The switch poarity should not make any difference. You could actually stick a jumper in the Power Switch connector then pull it out. Your PC will start.

Polarity wise, White wires are negative and colored wires are positive.
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My website- featuring Guides by Alkohol, bbmayo, ScubaPete and me.
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