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PSP connection to access point timed out

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Please help. im trying to connect the psp to my wireless router.Linksys WRT54GS. i scan and get 100% signal on the psp. i input my WEP 128-bit key. the 26 digit hex key. i double and triple checked the password. when it trys to connect i get the error message "A connection error has occurred. The connection to the access point timed out." ive done both auto and manual configs and i still get the same message. my laptop and wii both connect to my network fine so i dont know what the problem is. if you need more info than this please let me know.

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Yea i saw that thread first before posting and it didnt really help or provide proper troubleshooting information. but i fixed the problem i just switched my router from "mixed" mode to "b only" and now everything is fine. Also in the guides to put on custom firmware they say to use a 512 MB sony memorystick. does the brand really matter or can i use a sandisk?
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Beware the Dark Knight
you can use a sony or a sandisk they both work ,important is that you use a real memory stick ,fake memory stick can give problems
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