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Make my own audio cd

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I really need help. I have 3 or 4 audio cds and would like to take some songs from one and some from another and put them on my hard drive. And then either just play them from my hd or make another cd with all my favorites on it. Now when I open any cd all I can find are files called track1, track2 etc. which all have the size of 1 kb. I have found that copying these to my hard drive is not the way to go. Someone please help if possible. I have tried searching forums, but have had no luck.
I don't really think I know what to ask for, except moving files.


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Regular audio CD's cannot be copied from the CD as a data file would be. You need a program for "Ripping" the tracks from the CD. Here are a couple of free ripping programs (of many)...
Once you rip the tracks from the CD's, you can change the formats (such as to MP3)or reburn them as you like.
thank-You I will try the software. That will solve all my problems. Hope it all works...

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