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Dont Think Haze Will Be Out Mid Jan

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Most people are expecting Haze to be out Mid-Jan, i am hoping it will but the lack of new videos and news about the game tell me we are a few months off the release. Alot of rental sites say March 25/28, i believe they are correct but i really hope not this game looks great.
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i read its coming out in september 08 and its rumoured that it will
be out in january in europe... but i doubt it will its to big a gap

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free radical is a uk based developing studio so i guess if it were to be released anywhere first it would be europe.but i think it will be a worldwide release since the long delays and the unsatisfaction of the people who are hungry for an exclusive fps for the will be out jan 19,2008.
Well then we need more Videos and news about it!!
Come on, i live in the UK so hopefully they will release it next month.
GameSpot and IGN say January 15-18, 2008.

Well it appears the game will be released in the Uk before the US.
Looks like America will be importing from us which is a first. says January 18th so does alot of other Uk gamesites.
As for the USA its March 08 says Ign, but im not getting my hopes up as FRD have said nothing of the release date.
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