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Question about Nero 6.3 and ASPI

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I have Nero 6.3 combo installed. I am running Windows XP Home Edition.
Now my question/questions is: When I ran the Nero Info Tools to get system info and looked into the ASPI and got this message. System ASPI not installed and when I clicked on the drop down box it said, Nero ASPI was installed and working properly. What does the system ASPI do? How and where do I find that and what does it do?? Do I need it? I am new at this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just bought this new DVD/CD rom. I have burned cd's before and from what I understand I can only play dvd's on this as I don't have the license to burn dvd's and don't know where to purchase that at. Went to Nero site and had no clue as to where to find that. My new burner did come with Nero 7 but I wasn't too crazy about it. Maybe someone could tell me more about it and give me some tips or help.

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here this will explain it better than i can

i would do a clean reinstall of nero using version heres a link

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Thanks I will try that.

You should also run the clean tools.
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