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XBox 360 won't read game discs, a few questions please...

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My 360 is right at a year old, it's a samsung drive, and I haven't flashed the firmware or anything of the nature. Recently, it started having trouble reading game discs. Everytime I put in a game, it brings up a screen that says "To play this disc, put it in an xbox 360 console." This message is written in about 12 different languages. The system seems to do everything else just fine (plays DVD and CDs without a problem). What I find odd, is that it appears as if my drive is suddenly wanting to read game discs as if they were simply DVDs. When I put a game disc in, after returning to the dashboard from the error screen, the "open/close tray" tab at the bottom of the screen reads "Play DVD" instead of "Play game."

Now, obviously I've called microsoft and they want $100 to repair the console (which I wont do). Is there anyway to fix this? It would seem to be more of a software problem than a hardware problem. Could it just be a dirty laser, or perhaps should I look into flashing the firmware? I've been searching the internet for days, but I can't seem to come up with any real info on this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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could be a laser going bad. if so, you could either replace your laser, or just buy a new dvd drive and replace it.

it doesn't sound like a software problem.
my problems that when i try to play my game okay look i have call of duty 4 and well i tried playing and it said unplayable disc and then so i took it off and cleaned it.....and ut it back this time it went through til i tried playing multiplayer splitscreen......and it said disc could not be read 1.clean disc.......2.restart console.....why does it do it if i have cleaned it like a good 4-5 times and once it even said media disc or something like that plz any help im really confused
Get a new laser off ebay, 10/$20, takes 5 mins to fit and its like having a new 360.

Wish I'd done it before buying an Elite, but hey I got 2 360s that work now :-)

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its your drive bud.
its my drive then?? if oit was i would have to buy a new laser??lol.....
ccampton Suspended account
yes or a new drive and put your old drives key on it.
or its like instead of all this can i just take my 360 back??i got it like last week so if i can just do that???o and also the game ummm call of duty 4 lol i have it and it has like perfect circles on the back im not so sure if its scratched or if its regularly like that? but i dont think its scratches cuz there perfectly made........
ccampton Suspended account
of course you can take it back.
o lol orite then ty
i spoke wit my mom and shes going to take me back to circut city they should give me a new 1 rite??but =im not sure if its the game bcuz theres like 3 circles around the disc and like there perfect circles and it worked fine but not any more
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try another game, rent one. there should not be circles on the disc. so it is most likely scratched. word to the wise: 360 games are not cheap, which is why people back them up. if your game is scratched thats basicaly 60$ down the drain. but try the obvious first, dont just take it back if you have not tried another game in it!
i tried fifa 08 and it did work. . . . or can i just take it and trade it in i mean the game cod 4
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did it come with the system, or did you buy it?
i bought it.......
ccampton Suspended account
then you are sol my friend. make sure your games get taken care of. sorry...
damm........orite.......1more ? can i like take it too maybe lets say game crazy or somewere to clean it??
ccampton Suspended account
ok so what i did is that i went hollywood video game crazy and they buffed it for 2 dollars thats really good now it works :) ty for your help buddiie
ccampton Suspended account
your welcome
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