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error on dvd help

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I tried to copy a avi file from a dvd I burned and this message came up

“Error 0x80030309: Copy Protection Error - The read failed because the sector is encrypted “

What does it mean?
How do I get it to copy successfully?

Thanks in advance
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did u try to copy it with the same drive that burned it? this looks more like a windows or burner issue. what typpe of software, media, and operating system do u have. it would also be helpful if u gave the burner (drive and firmware as well).
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the burner I used to burn is FREECOM_ DVD+/-RW8B9 2.48 (USB)
and the burner I used to read the disc is PHILIPS SPD2412T P1.4 (ATA)

I'm using vista home premium and nero 6.3
the dvd is sony dvd-r 1-16x
but when the disc was burned when I was using XP
You data on the disc is probably damaged and the drive sees it as encryption. Try a dtat recovery tool: this one is free

this one has a free trial

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ok,thank for the help

I got my freecom burner out and used it to copy the file out and it work with no problem.
so how come it work on it works with the freecom but no the philips?
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