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Frostwire/Limewire problem...

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I haven't downloaded anything for awhile, btu when I tried last night I encountered a problem I've never had. When I log on to either Limewire or Frostwire, it is taking forever and not connecting to server. I thought I was connected until I got the following message "Frostwire is currently connecting to the network. Your search may not contain many results until you are fully connected to the network.' I have never had this happen, it usually started up and connected within seconds. Now, it has been 10 minutes and still no connection, anything I should check or change in settings...any suggestions to what the problem may be?? Thanks in advance for any help.

On a side note, I was think9ing of just switching to torrents, what are the best torrent search sites for music ??

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Probably not your issue but LimeWire used to disconnect itself here. Check at File and see if Connect is still selected. Shouldn't be a problem but make sure it's still an exception in your Firewall.
Thanks. it was still saying connected under the tab on top left, but was not giving me any connection on the meter in lower left. Suddenly, it just connected and downloaded very fast speeds.....just took like 8-10 minutes to fully connect.

You don't win Silver, you lose Gold
Interestingly, I just faced the same problem. I connected to LimeWire and wanted to download a new movie. It took ages saying Connecting... and then said "Need More Sources". It is downloading music files alright but not movie files. It used to download them within 2.5 hours.

That's why I downloaded uTorrent for movies. But the problem is that even though I have a 1Mbps connection, uTorrent downloads at 14kbps! whereas LimeWire used to download at 75kbps! That's how I got to this site. But port forwarding doesn't help.

Can anyone please help with LimeWire as well because uTorrent is too slow.
Limewire PRO works for me though.

Click the link below to get Frostwire to work.

No Need to wait 10 to 20mins------------- new file needs to replace it. So you need to go to that link above to download it and then it will show you the link to the download and how to replace the file. It's easy though...

After you replaced the new file with the new you need to restart frostwire. Some say you have to to restart it to make it work. I didn't have to though. You only need to replace this file once. It should connect to turbo all the time now.
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Thanks xazn
i had frostwire, a few torrent programs and limewire pro, i like frostwire better. the "need more sources" i noticed that at certain times of day there were more users on. right click> find more sources
itl search through users for you.

MY WAY: go to a torrent site, find the file you want and download it.

open frostwire and click tools>options>bitorrent and check the box for "let frostwire manage my bittorent settings"

file>open torrent

open the torrent and frostwire will get it. sounds like alot of steps but it worked faster than the torrent programs did for me.

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