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Nintendo and Sony sued over device ID transmission

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A patent infringement lawsuit against Nintendo and Sony has been filed by the Copper Innovations Group alleging that both companies infringed upon a 1996 patent that "covers a method for connecting devices to a system and sorting their inputs by means of hardware identification numbers tied to each transmission." Microsoft was not named in the suit because they do not use Bluetooth to ...

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Imo, his patant is far too vague to be called into play at a time like now especially since it was alreddy this far in to use.
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If this actually pulls through it sounds like we're going back to wired controllers lol.

And I thought the Rumble Feature lawsuit was outrageous, this tops them all!
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This is another stupid lawsuit. You know how many products that are on the market currently that use that type of identification to beam bluetooth, and infrared to various devices. This is just another company looking to make a come up off another companies success. Its smart but very dumb at the same time. These companies are like vultures
because either they arent making any money or not enough.
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Just over a year in and now they pull this crap? It's already over.
Aw man! Leave Nintendo out of this! We need them to make enough money to build their next-gen system :-P
This is ridiculous, there is tons of products that use bluetooth technology. These people are like bloodsucking vampires, all bout the $$$.
whatever happened to the cell lawsuit??? i think its popular to sue sony man. its like you know to call them evil, drm, this, that... lets sue them all we can.
Microsoft was not named in the suit because they do not use Bluetooth to connect their controllers to the Xbox 360.
Um yes they do. its turned off but its there awaiting new ms bluetooth controllers.

this guy is not going to win this case.
Ill be waiting for these guys to comment. :)
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