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How Much Video Will Fit On A 8GB SD CARD ??

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I'm getting a Kodak Z812 IS HD Digital Cam. I have a 2GB Standard SD Card, but I'm guessing that won't hold much video. I'm not even sure yet of how long of clips I can take at a time. I want to know what I need, so I can include it with an order I'm getting ready to place. Any info will help greatly. Thanks.
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varnull Suspended account
I think you should read this with regards to this camera and memory cards.

I also came across a reference to a maximum recording time for video of 30 minutes per clip (depending on memory capacity) which looks like a method of preventing cinema filming.

I can't find any references to a maximum supported memory card size, but use the usual caution when buying larger ones as a large number of so called 4 and 8 gig cards are fakes. I can't even find an 8 gig SDHC card for sale in the "usual reputable" places, though there are as usual lots of "bargains" on flea-bay..

As for filesize for video.. it records in Quick-time MPEG4 format, so lots will depend on resolution and framerate.. impossible to guess without actually recording timed clips under varying conditions and comparing the results..
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I have one Panasonic SD5, use FULL HD(1920X1080) capture about 90 minutes the 8G SD card will full.

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Depends on resolution.

If you convert a dvd from dvd to mpeg-4 you are looking at 1.5 gig a video to even 2 gig's at full clearity.

At lower quality you are looking at 500 megs to 1.0 gig per video

Like i said it all depends.
I have a TZ3 with records in MOV format and I got a 15 min movie that was about 880MB. So four 15min clips (1 hour movie) would take about 3.5GB (880MB X 4).

I am using a 4GB SDHC card.

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