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DVD creadted by DVD Flick wont play on DVD player... Need help

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Hi All,

I am new to this... Please help...
I have some 84 wmv files which i want on one single video DVD.
I tried using DVD Flick and i am facing the following problems,,,
1.) I cant add more than 64 titles to my DVD... any way out in which i can add all 84..
2.) The DVD burnt by the DVD flick is not playing on my DVD player(Phillips)

I thot it wud be a good idea not to waste my blank DVD discs and instead creat an ISO image for testing which i can mount on my virtual drive to test on Power DVD (Disc Mode_) but its giving an internal error
I tried Nero to burn the files created by DVD flick... It says require Video_TS.BUP not found...
Sometimes it says DVD Compliance test failed...

I just want all the 84 files on one single DVD which can be played on my DVD player....

Please help..
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Sixty-four is the limit that I see with DVD Flick.

'Nero Vision' will accept 99 files (I think that is the standard for DVD).

In DVD Flick do the 'Project Settings' > 'Video', reflect NTSC or PAL?
North America is NTSC.
Hi Attar,
Good to c ur reply...
Well the settings are PAL as I am in India...
There is something which I am messing up ....
I tried Nero Vision and created an Img so that i can check it on my PC before actually burning a Disc and it went on successfully but the disc wont play its saying unknown DVD on windows media player... :(
I checked that the Img does not have a Audeo_TS folder. Dont know why the Nero is not putting that folder in...

Need more help...
Although DVD Flick will write a DVD with 64 titles - it won't play on my player.
If the number of titles is cut back to 63, then there is no problem.

Nero disks play ok - up to 99 titles.

Using DVD Shrink on the 64 file disk or DVD folder produces an error and as you have noted, IMGBurn reports a problem with the .BUP files.

I don't know why DVD Flick is non compliant - there is a DVD Flick Forum and since you are on the bleeding edge....
Cant say...
I tried DVD Flick with only one vob and created an ISO image... Tested it on my POWER DVD via Virtual Drive and the result was same...

Hmm... may be someone can help!!!!
This problem has been noted before.
The ISO file created won't work.
Have to use NERO Vision to convert.
I have been using DVD Flick for a some time, and had no problems at all. True, I never put more than 2 titles on one DVD, but also I never created an ISO with DVD Flick. I always set it to create a DVD folder on my hard drive, then I burn it with NBR. Just wondering if something happens while DVD Flick creates the ISO.

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This is specific to DVD Flick when adding multiple titles and is not normally a problem.

If 63 titles are added, there is no problem.
The problem shows up when 64 files are added - this is the maximum that DVD Flick allows, although the DVD spec says 99 (Nero allows 99).

The output (iso or DVD file folder) contain a 'VIDEO_TS.ISO file of zero length and no VIDEO_TS.BUP).
Since both of these files are missing/corrupt, the ISO won't run and the files are non compliant.

If you delete the defective .IFO file from the folder and run the free utility from DVDFAB 0.17.0 you can create new .IFO/BUP files and the DVD folder files become compliant and usable.

'Other Functions' > 'Create Video Manager'
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A few things...

I highly recommend you don't use Nero Vision to convert any files to DVD, let alone WMV. It's uses a very poor quality codec which is bad enough when it comes to transcoding AVI, but with WMV your like to get even worse quality and out of sync audio/video.

Also, putting 84 files onto on 4.7Gb is a bit of a stretch by any means. How long are these files and what kind of quality/bitrate are they? Chances are you put them all onto one DVD5 and they won't even be watchable on a standard TV.

Third, what kind of media are you using?
You could try Convert X to DVD, it's very similiar to DVD Flick, I'm not sure how many files it supports on the one DVD, but it can't hurt to try.

Lastly, PowerDVD is not very compatible with images, they generally won't play, or playback will be very problematic at best.
Use Media Player Classic instead.

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