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Error message when I hit go using DVD2svcd; trying to convert avi to dvd

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Can someone PLEASE give me some advice on this, after going through the AfterDawn tutorial for the DVD2svcd so that I can convert a divx coded avi to a burnable DVD format I get the following error message:

"TGpHugeFile(file extension):File Not Open!"

Do I need to compress the original file?? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!
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I don't know about the software you are using, and I don't see it very often mentioned. I would instead use DVD Flick to make your avi's into a DVD: It is free and works great.

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Thank you very much! The program successfully burned a usable DVD, took a couple of hours, but hey it still worked :)

There's one glitch though. About every second the video seems to "stall." The audio always stays in sync with the video though. The original avi file didn't do this, so I think I may've had a setting wrong. I made sure to check that I used the same FPS setting as the avi file when I went through the set-up. Any ideas as to what could've caused this?

Again, thank you for your reply...
I had exactly the same problem a couple of days ago with a WMV file and DVD Flick. I actually don't mess with the FPS. All I do is selec the encoding mode "Best" or "Normal", one-pass or 2-pass. Then I make sure the correct format is chosen-PAL or NTSC. The rest I leave all on default/automatic.
My problem with freezing every few seconds, it was because I multi-tasked during the process-internet, downloading some stuff...

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Thanks, I think I'll try again and see if it helps. It's not a huge problem, it just starts to get old after a while. I actually made an effort to not do anything else on the computer while this was running, except I did go into the control panel and change the screen saver time, I don't think that would be enough to disturb the process?
I don't know how much that has to do with it, I just know that I used the same WMV file, shut down LimeWire, and didn't do anything during conversion, and came out a beautiful looking picture.
Leave all FPS on default/automatic, just make sure you select the right format-PAL/NTSC

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will do thanks again for all your help
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