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Email to Fax?

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Is there any software, freeware/demo/trial/etc pref. or any other kinds of software only , that doesn't require additional paid "subscriptions" where you can print docs to a remote fax machine from your email?
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I found this googling:

The following information is taken from David Berger's book, The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls, Send Fax or Use the Internet, which is available free of charge.

The Internet Multicasting Service is a non-profit organization that operates a free e-mail-to-fax service. It relies on volunteers from the U.S., Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, South Korea, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, who maintain fax servers in their particular areas, so all phone calls to fax machines are local.

To send a fax to someone, first create the e-mail message. Use the following address. Replace the italicized variables with the actual person's name and phone number, but keep the punctuation and underline intact:

Note that the phone number is one continuous string of numbers, and it must include the 1 and the area code, even if the fax is just being sent across town. The service automatically sends you an e-mail confirmation either stating that the fax transmission was successful or did not go through because there is no local fax server in that area.

Here's a short list of areas covered by TPC: Canada and the United States (+1); Botswana (+267 total coverage); South Africa (+27); Greece (+30); The Netherlands (+31 total coverage); Bulgaria (+359); San Marino (+378 total coverage); Ukraine (+380); Yugoslavia / Serbia and Montenegro(+381 total coverage); Croatia (+385); Italy (+39); Romania (+40); United Kingdom, IOM, and the Channel Islands (+44 total coverage); Sweden (+46 total coverage); Germany (+49); Honduras (+504); Nicaragua (+505 total coverage); Cuba (+53); Brazil (+55); Australia (+61); Indonesia (+62); New Zealand (+64); Singapore (+65 total coverage); Hong Kong (+852 total coverage); China (+86); Taiwan (+886); Turkey (+90); India (+91); Sri Lanka (+94 total coverage) and Lebanon (+961 total coverage).

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HOWTO: Convert MKV to MP4 in Linux (Simple Method):
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there are alot of services, just google, i have had 2 accounts in the past.
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