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How to Burn Movies onto a CDR or CDRW

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Bano Inactive
I am using Iomega Zip CD 650 with software Adaptec Easy CD Creator or Adaptec Direct CD on a Windows ME system.
Well the question is that I have few movies that I want to burn on the cd to watch later frm the cd drive itself easing space on my PC hardrive. How do you do this let me know in the easiest way possible.
Also some of the movies are very big in size such as bigger then the space possible on a cd itself, so I need to know how to split the movie into 2 or 3 pieces aswell,
Appreciate all types of information on the above.
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Are you trying to make VCDs to use with your DVD player, or are you just burning movies as data discs?

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Bano Inactive
Well I would prefer that I play the movies on a VCD player or sometimes on my DVD/CD player that came installed with my PC
Bano Inactive
Forgot to mention that the movies are on Mpeg or AVI format
All (S)VCD info you need is here: . Note that DivX -> VCD conversion decreases the quality of the movie, so if you use a computer for playback, you should keep the AVI files as they are.

The old school is back. All hail the new !
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