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Help! Shuts itself off and won't stay on.

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After having my Magnavox MWR20v6 DVD Recorder w/VCR for less than a year, it started acting as if there is a proverbial ghost in the machine. I would turn it on and would stay on for a few seconds, then turn itself off. The owner's manual said to unplug it and to hit the timer set on the remote. Neither worked. I unplugged it for a while and it seemed to be working again but would only play about 45 minutes of the DVD I was watching then shut itself off again. After trying to turn it back on, it would automatically go off after a few seconds, also switching from DVD mode to VHS. It's like it is possessed. I tried unplugging it again and this time it worked for only about 20 minutes. So, obviously unplugging it and hitting the timer set to cancel the timer standby mode (which I never used anyway, so I can't see how that could have been the problem) does not fix the problem of the player turning itself off in the middle of playback or just not coming on at all or staying on for just a few seconds. Can this be fixed or should I just throw it in the trash and buy a new one?
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I am having the same experience with the same Magnavox DVD/VCR model. Have you received any answers? It seems like there should be some simple solution to this quirk. I can't believe that one year is the life of this component. It has not been misused or even overly used.
I have not received any help. I contacted which makes this Magnavox equipment (yes, made in China - no surprise there!) and they e-mailed me a ticket number. That was days ago. I've not heard from them since and probably won't. I've read that others have had the same experience with this Magnavox model and have not been offered any solution other than to send it in for repairs. The repairs apparently cost around $50.00 to $100.00. You would think they would repair for free or send a replacement since it is reportedly a manufacturing flaw. It's reported the flaw is a defective memory board/hard drive which causes the MWR20v6 to shut off on its own. You are also right that this recorder should last more than several months. I've owned Magnavox equipment before but this experience has made me swear off Magnavox. I'll never buy Magnavox again.
I contacted Funai and got a ticket number, too. It has been a couple of days now. I will let you know if I have a different experience than yours. It is hard to believe that they aren't any more interested in their customers than what your experience suggests.
Thanks for the info! Much appreciation. I got my ticket number a few days ago and still have not heard from them. I seriously doubt we will. So, yes, you are right that it is a shame they are not any more concerned about their customers. I always thought Magnavox had a good name (or was a good name). But, they've gone the way of every other American company and their components are now made in China. Like you, I have neither misused my VCR/DVD recorder combo or used it much. I only transferred 6 DVDs from Video to DVD (which is why I bought it) and have not had much opportunity to watch DVDs on it. So, it has been seldom used. I'll let you know should I hear anything too. Thanks again!
If anyone has since gotten their vcr/dvd player problem fixed, please let me know how. I went to put in a tape that I have used to record children's show on and it worked fine last week. When I put it in today the vcr was on for a few seconds and the phrase "EJECT" was on the TV along with the eject symbol and the letter "T", and then it shut off. I tried again several times with no luck, even with the dvd side selected. I finally took off the top and front of the machine and forced the tape out of the machine, having to break part of the tape to release it from its stranglehold. Even with the tape out it still does the same thing. My husband thinks I broke it getting out the tape, but it wasn't going to oome out any other way. We can't use our TV because the cable attachment inside the TV broke, so we run our cable through the vcr to get reception. I think we may just replace it, but we have the identical machine (March 2007) hooked up to another TV and I need to know if there's help if/when that one decides to turn off by itself. Thanks for any suggestions. Also, my husband tried to put in a tape and it no longer takes the tapes.
I finally received a reply from Funai regarding the Magnavox DVD recorder. They unapologetically wash their hands of the matter because the item is past the limited warranty. In other words, they only build them to work for a year and after that, they don't really care. I recommend not only avoiding Magnavox, but all companies under thr Funai banner. Or else consider the purchase of their products as a one year lease followed by a product self-destruct.
Thanks for the information. They just don't make things like they used to! My husband and I each used are electronics from high school for many years after we were married, now what we buy lasts a few years if we're lucky!
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