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PS3 Will Not Obtain IP Address........PLEASE HELP!!!!!.........................................ASAP!

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I have a PS3 and when i try to connect to the internet, it says "Can not obtain IP address", ive looked for results on the internet and ive been creating new network connections and reseting my internet all night, so please dont tell me to do that since ive done it a million times and im probably doing it again as u read this.

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I figured out what the problem was, but i still need your help!!!

I have 3 user accounts on the PS3(not online IDs but users). The first user i made picked up our wireless internet fine, and can go online. but the other accounts will not connect to the same router. the other 2 users come back and say "cannot obtain IP address" when i try to connect. I would like to connect to the internet on all 3 users!

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