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For the past several weeks I've been using as a means to use MSN Messenger on my PSP. All was well until about 3 or 4 days ago when it started giving me errors and not working. I log in and it tells me that there have been problem and that I should select 'OK' to sign in again. So I click 'OK' and it lets me sign in and shows my contact list, and signs me out of messenger on my PC. Sounds like a simple issue, right? Well, then I select a contact from my list to talk to them, but it will, without a doubt, every time, bring me to the same error message that "There has been a problem. Please try again later." And that's ALL it tells me! I thought maybe it was just my PSP, so I reformated my memory stick and made sure everything was as it should be. Didn't help. So to double check, I used my fiance's laptop and visited there. I got the same problem. Is down, or is there a problem with my network blocking the site for some reason? Thanks a million to anyone who can help!!!

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Hi, I was using the too on my mobile phone , but like u, i started getting the same error message the last days, but i think that the service is down , because i tried it on my pc and i also opned a new msn account but it's always the same, so all we can do, is to hope that it will be fixed as soon as possible
:) hi it's me again, have u tried the ebuddy mobile site ( it has a little bit more complicated interface , but i's useful.
Ok, well I'm glad to know it's not just me. Also if it happened to you around the same time then it's not my network either, meaning it is, without a doubt, the service itself. Thanks for the response. Lets just cross our fingers and hope it's fixed soon.

My life is a chip in your pile. Ante up!
hey! I have the same problem on my mobile phone too! I use it when am away to talk to my b/f when am out or something.
I wasted alot of my phone credit with that stupid problem so I'm glad to know someone else noticed this, too!

I have no idia what is wrong and its driving me nuts. >.<
Hey, sorry for the credits you waist, thease last days i'm using the ebuddy mobile, it's realy great , just try it and you will forget about ;)
Good News! its now WORKING! I tried it on the pc.
I should try that other one, tho. just for kicks! =D
Hi everybody, have u seen the new Ebuddy Mobile? it's free and it's realy great.

just get it on
-.- Great, they fix it for a few weeks, and now MSN mobile AND Hotmail mobile give nothing but a "BAD REQUEST" error. It's like they don't exist anymore. This is frustrating. And I've heard plenty about ebuddy, but I don't feel comfortable using my password somewhere that isn't officially part of MSN. I've had a few bad experiences with that in the past.

My life is a chip in your pile. Ante up!
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