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Keyboard_Filter_01 showing in other devices (HP Compaq 6710B).

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hi guys,

im having issues with a laptop after installing Win xp SP2 with all the updates and the drivers installed

My laptop is a HP Compaq 6710b.

After installing all the drivers and updates, when i boot my machine up again, it comes up with a "found new hardware" wizard prompting to install drivers for "Keyboard_Filter_01"

when checking Device manager, it doesnt appear to be there but after selecting "show hidden devices", it comes up under other devices.

when checking the properties, it shows that it is not digitally signed.

now i have tried reinstalling "HP Quick Launch Buttons" which was advised in another forum, but that failed.

is anyone aware of this issue, and if so, do you have a resolution for this apart from disabling the device?

any help will be much apreciated.

thanks in advance.
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so im guessing no one has experienced this problem before?
so im also guessing no one has used a HP compaq 6710 before either?
I have a zd8205us laptop with the same issue anyone know of a fix?
Try right clicking on it, and updating driver.

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