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Xbox 360 monitor, sound question, please help :-)

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Thanks for looking at my thread, I hope you can help me. Before I start, I've used the search option and looked at all the related threads I can find, but I'm still slightly unsure about my problem.

What I'm planning to do is, like most people, connect my Xbox 360 to my LCD widescreen pc monitor. I've bought the VGA cable and RCA to mini jack plug. I should point out that I've ordered the items and they havn't actually arrived yet, so I'm asking in theory.

I'm going to be using the VGA cable to plug xbox into monitor, but my monitor doesn't have speakers or RCA connections, so what I'm wondering is could I, using a RCA to mini jack adapter, plug the RCA cables into my PC sound card Line In socket, and have my PC speakers coming out of the usual socket? I assume that this would give me sound thru my PC speakers as long as the PC is turned on. I dunno if its important but my speakers have a headphone socket, input socket (connecting to soundcard) and 'speaker' socket (connects the two speakers).

Hope you can help, heres all the info I can supply:

Monitor: Acer X201W (
Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live! Value (
Speakers: Technika TKUSP00 (

I'm aware my soundcard is pretty damn old but according to the site I've posted it has Line In so it should be alright.

Many thanks

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Anyone got any ideas?

I'm hoping for advice from someone whos either in the know or has done it themselves, as tbh im a bit of a noob when it comes to 360

Thanks in advance

You are going to need a set of speakers that have RCA jacks in order to get sound. Or a "Y" cable that goes from RCA jacks to headphone jacks, and some sort of self powered speaker with a mic input.
something like that would work nice although you can search for a cheaper version if you want.

If you have a method to plu them into your PC souncard where it will come out of your PC speakers then that should work too> and if you want really great PC sound you can invest in something like the Logitech X530 which is under $60 and will give you a really nice 5.1 surround sound for such a small amount of money. I have a set of those pn my PC and they sound a WORLD better then any two speaker system. But then again my PC has 8.0 High-Def sound (meaning that each channel has it's own input for center/sub, fronts, and back speakers.) so that makes a difference in the output as well.

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Cheers for the reply, I'm going to try a different method.

or this

I'm going to try and find a cable like this one, but all female sockets. So I can put RCA from VGA 360 cable into one end and PC speakers into the other. I saw it on a youtube vid and it seemed to work fine.

for reference heres the vid I'm looking at - the cables shown at 1:05

Only problem is I know these cables exist, but I dont know what they're called so im having difficultly finding them. Any ideas?

Once again cheers for the reply, can always count on afterdawn members to help you out when you need it :)
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those are the "Y" cables i was speaking of.

Just search your local stores for RCA to 3.5MM adapters

Cheers for the help man,

Thats not the cable i was looking for, i was looking for one with RCA female and 3.5mm female so I could plug my speakers straight into the cable.

I've found it now :)
Ok, i misunderstood what you needed. I though you were plugging the Xbox into one end and then the other into an input jack like on a sound card or PC. Sorry about that, but at least you found what you needed.

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