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HDMI out to TV using Sony Vaio

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop, top of the line model with a Blu ray RW. I also have a USB HD DVD drive connected. I was able to copy Transformers to my hard drive and it plays perfectly well with working menus using an older version of Power DVD.
However, once I connect the HDMI out from my PC to my TV I get no picture showing on my TV from Power DVD.

I can see Transformers playing on my Laptop, but on the TV all I see is my PC backgound and Power DVD showing a black screen. Why doe's it play on the PC and not on my TV???!!! Other fully copied blu rays and HD DVD's do the same. But other file formats play perfectly on my TV this way. How can I fix this?

My TV supports up to 720p or 1080i only. Are they not playing because I need 1080p? Or is it some kinda copy protection?

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Sounds like an HDCP issue, not sure though.
Thanx, gonna try AnyDvd and see if that fixes it.

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I bought AnyDVD, didn't take care of the problem. No copy protection found on my ripped disc.

I am now using the newest version of Power DVD. I stick in a Blu Ray disc and it plays perfect on my Sony Vaio PC. However, once I connect the HDMI out to the TV I can see my PC screen and Power DVD on my TV but it won't show the movie on my TV still.. Just on my PC it shows. Power DVD stays black on my TV but not the PC. I have NO clue whats going on? Any ideas to fix this? Have tried on my projector as well with the same results.

I have a Sony Vaio FZ PC with the blu ray drive.

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By the way, .TS, MKV, AVI, DivX all show up and play on both my PC screen and TV perfectly. Just blu ray and HD DVD don't show on the TV.

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Have you tried playing the original copies? Do those work?
What model tv do you have? Is it possible maybe a FW update could correct this? What's the specs on your HDMI cable? Is it at 1.3?

Also, any way you could try using a set of HDMI to component cables? It would be nice to rule out any other options. If they don't work just take em' back to the store.
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Answered in the other thread. PowerDVD only displays HD content on the primary display. You have to make your HDTV the primary display. HD content is the only type that is affected in this manner. Thank Microsoft and the HD DRM overlords.
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Cool, good to know. I've seen a couple of those posts around here lately, I hope that clears up any issues.
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