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have guy in local area that offers to mod psp systems. he says this is a soft mod. what does this mean, and what are the limitations of this type of mod. with this type can you load psp games to the memory stick. also says you must have a 4gig stick for this to be done. he charges 80.00 can anyone comment on this. iam looking to be able to load psp games and other types to my system. is he just loading 4 gigs of images to the memory card or is he doing a mod. thanks
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Stick w/ this thread depty958 -

That guy btw is a rip off - $80??? is he out of his mind???
You can do it yourself - here's another guide for you:

The psp can be softmodded - a hard mod would be actually soldering a chip in the psp. The soft mod installs a custom firmware that allows you to play iso's, run homebrew etc.

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