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Hi guys, I apologize in advance because I know there are probably other threads on this already but I have several problems. Firstly when I start Bittornado, half the time it says "Failed! Unable to forward port via UPnP" When I finally do get them going the status light is almost never green and I never experience any download rates of over 5kb. I'm currently downloading a 699.1 mb file with 54/50 ratio and I am downloading at a pathedic 1kb/s and uploading at 11kb/s, and it has been going for an hour. I am not even connected to any seeders and only 6 uploaders. This is a new computer (Dell XPS M1530) and I have been playing around with router, firewall, and Bittornado settings, which i probably shouldn't be doing because I am not that advanced. My virus protection and firewall are both off and i put ports 6881-6889 into my router. Something is definatly wrong! I think it may be my current settings for Bittornado, I'm not sure what my Default Rate Setting should be. Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks!
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Go here, find your router, click on it, find BitTornado, click on it and follow the directions: Use a port range over 10,000 and not the ones you are. You probably need to set a static ip address, just pay attention to what is said about the DNS Server and Default Gateway showing the same address: Set your upload speed to 80% of your speed in a speedtest. Here is a good one, do it a few times and on various days to get a good average, I can't remember if BitTornado uses kB, this test is in kb, 1 kB = 8 kb: You can make BitTornado an exception in your firewall.
Thanks for the advice Mistycat. One more quick question: which is better? turning off Windows Firewall altogether, or making Bittornado an exception in it. Also, is it safe to turn off my Virus protection when downloading a file? I use Panda Antivirus Protection.
I don't know which is better (probably doesn't matter with a router Firewall) but Windows Firwall will work fine with BitTornado (or any other client I've used) as an exception. I've used it for years with no problem. You shouldn't need to turn off Panda AV and I wouldn't, not familar with it or whether it needs to exclude BitTornado.
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Something is still wrong, I have forwarded the ports 10000-10010 into my router, Bittornado is an exception in my Firewall, I did the speed test and set my upload rate to 80%, and I made a static IP address but it has not improved, it might even be slower! I dont know what's going on but I'm guessing it is my Bittornado Prefs. Could you please tell me the correct settings or attach a picture of your prefs? Thanks for your help
Sorry, no picture, it's been sometime since I used BitTornado. Do you get a green connection light, does your ISP throttle torrents: or what is it, there are plenty more, maybe someone knows. Your speed could slow as a result of peers having the same amount as you and catching up, number of connections, etc. Some modems need forwarding as well, does port forward list it If you never get a green light? Disable UPnP if you see it in Preferences, I think. I doubt this is it but try a port range over 50,000.
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After trying the other things you told me, my status light is green and my download speed is around 22kB/s, still a bit slow (i think, i dont know what a fast connection is) but it's still way better than 1kB/s. I tried the port range over 50000 and it just slowed it down. I tried disabling the UpNP setting before, but when i do it takes the torrent 10 minutes to even get off black status light which is definatly not normal.
If you have a green light, it's just a matter of waiting. I don't think a port range over 50.000 should slow you, probably just the point you were at in that particular torrent. Keep in mind that more than one download open at a time shares bandwidth and 22 kB is a decent speed, 22 kb is pretty slow but there are times when my speed can show less than half of that depending on various factors and that's on private sites where people have to upload. If you're using a public site, you have no way of knowing what speed those seeds are uploading at, probably not much.
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Thanks Mistycat, I use mininova for most of my torrents, is that public or private? I tried using some private sites once but it makes you get invited by somebody. Do you think you could invite me to a private site or recomend a site? I always seed my downloads, I think its leechers that ruin sites like mininova and slow down downloads.
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A few hints.. If you are using public trackers (like I do sometimes) you will need to turn encryption on (if available.. bittornado is pretty discredited) I have my torrent client set to force encryption for incoming and outgoing connections.. you don't run it, you get no data. I believe by the number of connections I get and the clients reported in use that is now the normal situation. I see no bittornado, just azureus, mainline and ”torrent.
I would also check that you are set to "private torrent" i.e only accepting peers from the tracker. I run scripts which actively disconnect peers who are allowing outside connections and blowing my connection security ;)
Once 2 people have completed I always cut my seeding up speed to 1kb/s on public trackers so I can up more torrents.
Personally I wouldn't touch mininova with a bargepole.. I don't trust them, and know lots of other people who just leech and do not seed for exactly that reason.

There are other configuration options.. number of files open, max up speed etc which all have an effect on total speed..

One thing we do not know is the speed of your connection..

Hope that explains a little of the torrenting behaviour and protocols of the average bittorent network user.
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There are lots of private sites but even then you have to be careful to choose torrents that have large amounts of peers or you'll be able to download great but not upload enough to maintain your ratio and get yourself banned. Torrent Damage or mazysmadhouse are good private sites, Torrent Leech is another but I believe it has closed it's doors for now. If you ever want to switch clients, you can't go wrong with utorrent or Azureus but Azureus is a bit complicated.
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Another thing you can look into are Newsgroups. No uploading at all and you always get your full download speed. You'll probaly need to buy a good newsserver, you can get free newsreaders or buy one but you're not looking at any more than the cost of one night out total. There are guides around and it seems a bit more complicated at first but becomes very easy: or Newleecher is a good payware reader and Giganews or PowerUseNet are good servers.
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