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Errors Uncompressing ISZ File

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Recently, I downloaded with Utorrent a 4.12 G ISZ file.

I then opened my UltraISO (UltraISO Premium Edition v., then in UltraISO, I click on "Tools" then I click "Uncompress ISZ" and then I browse to where the ISZ file is My Documents> Download Folder> the 4.12 G ISZ File and then start uncompressing the ISZ file. As it gets about to 39.72 % opened and then I get this message shown in the image below:

I tried repopening it and still the same thing. I then downloaded another 4.12 G ISZ file from another source and it dows the same thing , except that it opens at 1.3 % and error to uncompress again.

At my wits end. I tried mounting the ISZ image file with Winmount and when I tried to burn (DVD COPY Disc) with a DVD -R 4.72 G DVD Disc, nero popped open a window that said I did not have enough space on my disc :(

Am I doing something wrong?


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Possibly a corrupted file.

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