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Best HDTV LCD Brand for the following? Which should I stay away from?

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I have pretty much narrowed down my search for what LCD Tv I want and I have come to the conclusion its going to be any of the following below. Out of the ones I have narrowed down too which are good buys in your opinion and which are ones I should stay away from??? The TV will be used mostly for standard def channels, High Def channels, xbox 360 and watching dvd movies for now until I upgrade to blu ray. Please help all.

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If you are going to be comparing the following brands, I would look for an LCD that has a very good response time. The quicker an LCD tv's response time, smaller chances you will have ghosting or motion blur issues. Since your will be playing games, take that into consideration. 8ms or better is what I would look for.

You will also want to look for an LCD that has a very good dynamic contrast ratio. I'd say 3000:1 and above would be ok, the higher the better. If you go with an LCD that has a low dynamic contrast ratio, your blacks will look grey and whites will look washed out.

Brightness is also another thing to take into consideration. A tv with a brightness of 500 cd/m2 should be more then enough but, if you will be watching mainly movies and games on it, a higher level would not hurt.

Also, depending on the size of the LCD, don't let resolution be a deciding factor in your purchase, a resolution of 1024x768 (720p) would look excellent on a decent sized screen - also cheaper then a 1080i/p tv. If you watch a lot of sports, a 720p tv will look great since this is the resolution at which most sports channels broadcast natively.

Toshiba, Samsung, and Sony are going to be your best selections to go with for LCD technology.
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@dipset121, go with brother Goodswipe's good advice. He knows his stuff!

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