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about digimon world 3 on the psp

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how do i get it to work?
it's a Psx game, it works great
up to a certain point i can get in and out of the first city no problem, but in that first city there's two doors i cant go into without it freezing, and in one of the fields it freezes either going in, or out of a battle, there's a cabin a couple fields , west i beleive of that first city, i can go into that cabin, save, sleep, but i cant go deeper into it, or get out of it otherwize it freezes by freezing i mean the screen stays black, those are the problems i've had so far, i dont want to play the game much more becuase if i cant get out of that cabin then i cant continue on in the game, after a certain point.
if there's a plugin of any kind that may work i'll be more then happy to test it out, im running 3.80 m33-5 with 1.5
if any one can help it would be greatly appreciated

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Unfortnately, there are no such "plugins" that you are talking about. im guessing the game you have is an eboot file from a PSX game correct? if so what i recommend is re ripping the disk if you have it, because it sounds like the eboot is missing something that helps it load at the point in the game (or parts are corrupt). if you have downloaded the game its quite possible that its not a quality rip, resulting in glitches and freezing.

-Try finding another download of it.
-Re rip the game from the origanal disk

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mm, it was a rip from my own digimon world 3 game
it plays on my old ps2
>.< wonder what's wrong
would popsloader work? or is that no longer avaialable for 3.80
i've no idea
yes, it is a psx eboot for the psp
maybe i need a difrent popstation?
i dont know~

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Okay, First download "CloneCD"
Here is the link:

Put your disk in and rip it using the video game option.

than once the .img file is on your computer open it with Zinga Burga's popstation

Here is the link for that:

than just transfer the newly created eboot to your PSP/Game folder. Everything should work fine at that point.

I've had issue in the past when PSX will actually leave things out. for example, i had done this with Spyro 3 and about a 8th of the way through the game one of the charecter's dialog boxes said i was playing a "pirated copy of the game" and from that point it started to leave out gems from each level so i could never gert 100% completion. Some PSX seem to be very intellegent. i have no idea how it even knew i had ripped the game since it was right from a CD to my psp, no emulators or anything.

What im trying to say here is that its possible that your having a similar issue. so re ripping may be the answer as it took me a couple trys to get spyro to work without it thinking i was pirating it.
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