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I have wierd yellow vertical stripes when playing certain video files

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Hi, I'm newly registered to afterdawn but I've been using the site for some time now.

I have this problem that when I play certain video files there is this starnge vertical yellow stripe, about 1/4 or 1/5 screen wide.

When I play the file on VLC Media Player (which is the one I use all the time) there is only one stripe but it's like the stripe consists of dots and they are jumping (kinda like the 'snow' on a TV screen only it's a bit different and the stripe is see-through and yellow)

When I play the file on Windows media player or Winamp, instead of the one 'jumpy' stripe, the stripe which was yellow and jumpy in VLC is now showing good and the rest of the screen is painted in subtle see-through yellow.

I don't think it's a codec proclem, because the codec for the movies is XVID and all of my working movies are XVID as well, I also downloaded VideoIspector and it says i have the right codecs.

Please help me...

I also tried to install the newest versions of VLC (0.8.6d) and XVID (1.1.3)
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And your sure you have none of these codec packs like 'K-lite' or 'FFDShow' installed?
uhh..I think I have the FFDshow...why? is that like bad?

UPDATE: OK, I got, the hint, so I uninstalled the FFDSHOW codec pack.

The problem still continues with VLC, but the movies run perfectly on Windows media player!!

Thank you very much!

P.S. Please try to figure out what's the problem with VLC..
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There's nothing wrong with FFDShow as such and I didn't mean to imply as that there was -it's just that many PC's are plugged with codecs competing for the same video and sometimes it ends in tears.
WMP uses the codecs that came with Windows or that have been installed as system wide codecs.
VLC has it's own personal codecs that it uses and you may find that an uninstall and reinstall cures the problem.
I already tried that, and I tried installing the newest version but the problem won't go away.

Maybe the cause is the frame rate...or data rate or something in that direction?
FWIW,I think it's a codec problem.
Try uninstalling the XVID codec and play the video with VLC.
Doesn't work, and now when I run them in Windows media player there seem to be a problem wuth the frame rate or some thing, as if the movie is slower or some frames are skipped ( I guess it's because the codec is gone..)

P.S. what is 'FWIW' ?
For What It's Worth.

I got it!

I went to the developer's web site ( and there was this explanation :

Why is my video purple? (a.k.a. the smurf effect)
Not sure. But many people have fixed this problem by changing their video output module.

Go to Preferences -> Video -> Output modules, and set Video output module to something different, like DirectX video output. Be sure you have advanced options enabled to be able to access this option. Also, you might need to disable the "YUV -> RGB" checkbox in DirectX section of Preferences -> Video -> Output modules.

well, my video was yellow instead of purple (I'm pretty sure I'm not color blind) but it worked...I changed the video output module to 'OpenGL video output' ( I'm not sure why,guess OpenGL just seemed familiar from somewhere :0) )

Thank you for all your help and patience, you ROCK!!!
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Great news.Now you can stick around and help the next suffering soul.
Cool! I'd love that!

If anybody else gets wierd yellow/purple phenomena on his VLC, count me in!

Does that mean I get to add a signature to my profile?
I think it depends on the number of posts you respond to (I don't think starting a thread counts), but if you click the 'Home' tab at the top of the page, you can ask Afterdawn.
I seem to recall that after one response I was promoted to 'Junior Member' - but I wasn't paying close attention.
I had that problem with weird yellow splotches popping up inside of my video files. It turned out the solution was the DirectShow filters. I changed my filter to the Haali Media Splitter and all my troubles went away.
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