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Hi All, first I just would like to say thanks... this forum is awesome, I often found a solution or some quality advice by browsing it, but now it's time for me to ask a question.

I've got a Hp computer with a dvd burner: HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H20L.
It has been upgraded with the latest firmware.

However it will not recognise my Mitsubishi DL Dvd+R.

Let me explain: I can burn any DVD no problem but when I put a Mitsu DL, the disc spin then nothing ... Media is empty !!!

Would anyone know why ?
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It probably doesn't like the Mitsubushi media. Go and buy some Verbatim and give it a try.

I tried Verbatin Yesterday .... No Love ...

I've emailed HP and they said their drive doesn't support TDK, Verbatin & Memorex ... so what's left ?
varnull Suspended account
Oh.. looky here.. it's another one of these crappy lg rebranded drives..
funny thing is.. the pro-show site lists that exact drive
DVDRRW Hl-dt-st GSA-H20L

-R -RW +R +RW


But nowhere does it claim dual layer, that seems a fallacy, and I think HP are doing some wool-pulling.


Scrap it and buy a pioneer 112d or other known good burner ;) They cost peanuts.. and while you are at it give HP a good rubbishing online for selling junk hardware :lol:

It isn't the firmware, we tested that theory yesterday.. you are not alone with this lump of junk.

2 of these drives with the same problem in 3 days.. floodgates opening...
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Hi Varnull.

Thanks for your input ...

When I run Nero Info it states that the burner is able to burn DL ...

And Also
On the HP website, the firmware update for the drive says that it improves compatibility with DL DVD

Oh well I'm pig headed so I'm gonna buy some HP DL and if those don't work Hp is going to ear me ...

And them I'll be buying some other burner ... and never buying HP again
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