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Hi all, I decided to make this thread to make you enjoy the CWCheat to the newest games. I got this database files from someone i know, and let me to share it on this site.

I'll try to update it once the newest database releases.

The last DATABASE UPDATE: **11.12.2007**


-You need to have CWCheat into your PSP.

-Download ultimate database from HERE

-Extract the two .db files in your PSP, in X:/PSP/seplugins/cwcheat.

It will ask you to rewrite the files.Choose Yes to all.

That's it, you now have the newest CWCheat database.

If you didn't enable the CWCheat, go into recovery mode, seplugins, and enable all of them. Then, in game , press select around 3 seconds, and the MENU will appear.


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may i ask what is different than the normal cwcheat database ? What new games?

Originally posted by mrgooey:
may i ask what is different than the normal cwcheat database ? What new games?

It has the newest games(e.g. I tried it on manhunt 2 and it had some cheats-infinite health, walk through objects, and infinitte uzzi ammo)

And more new games appeared in the late septemer and octomber.

anything more up to date?

I love psobb but i need a credit card # to get back on :(
Way to resurrect an almost 12 month old thread
But while it has been resurrected have you been updating this? or
can you tell us when you update it again?

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