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DVD Shrink error -DATA ERROR (cyclic redundancy check)

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i have dvd shrink 3.2, when i go to open a dvd it comes up saying
DATA ERROR (cyclic redundancy check)

can anyone tell me what i have to do to fix this please?

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yeah use dvdfab decrypter FIRST to rip the dvd then transcode with dvd shrink. reason that happens is because dvd shrink isn't updated anymore (three years or so) so bacisally dvd shrink can't handle the newer movies use this thread for you best options backing up your DVDs (you could have a bad/scratched/dirty dvd though)

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Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.
failed to read file x:\ data error cyclic redundancy Data error

Possible causes (some already mentioned):

The disk is either badly scratched, diry/smudged in areas where info can't be read correctly, a bad press (digitally faulty), or copy protection shrink (or decrypter) can't handle because of its discontinued support/advancement.

-If the disk looks dirty/smudged, clean it, then try again.

-If it's copy protection that's causing shrink to spit out the error... then try any one of these options:

1) DVDfab decrypter, it's a very good and well supported free ripper/ decrypter. Use it to rip the video files to your HDD, open the files ripped using shrink and proceed as you normally would.


2) Ripit4me (nolonger supported), it takes the ripping/transcoding/and burning process and makes it a one click task. You'll need DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, and FixVTS (may not be needed in this version) to make it all work.


3) Download and install the trial version of AnyDVD. Once installed, run DVD dhrink as you normally would to produce a backup, AnyDVD runs in the backround to crack the copy protection on the disk.


-If the disk is clean and any of the above methods fail, you could have a possible bad press, if so then you'll need to exchange it for another and try it again.
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Use Anydvd and believe
DVDFab HD Decrypter (free)...

Dont Worry Be Happy:)
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