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Windows XP shutdown updates-install @ every shutdown

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You know those Windows updates you get, and they finish once you go to shut down your computer? I have 2 of those currently.

I shutdown my computer one night after installing these updates, and it had the "Important updates" thing on my shutdown button. I had no problem with this, so I shut it down. Next day, I boot up, then later in the day, I shut down again. The updates message is still there.

So I figured maybe it downloaded updates, so I shutdown my computer.

1 week later, they're still there. Any ideas?

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its probably downloading new updates every time you log on the internet. The microsoft website (the site the downloader gets its updates) is always coming out with new updates. If its bugging you, then turn the automatic update off. Go to start, then click on help and support. search for ' turn automatic updates off ' and it should tell you how to.

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They don't always have the updates that install when u shutdown your comp though. They're still there. I even booted up, shut down before it could download or anything, the 2 updates where there.

hmm...thats odd. do you know what updates it tries to install. Pull up your update manager and see what its trying to install.then go to 'change or uninstall a program' in your control panel and delete the already installed updates. mayebe that way it installs the updates your pc is holding and gets you out of the loop hole your in.

m' kay..
I had this same problem not too long ago. It had to do with some kind of Windows Vista update (even though I am running XP, but I think that was the downloaded something for Vista for my XP computer).

Anyway, What I did was when you double click that you have updates to install, see what the update is. Then I googled it.

The end answer for me was to go into add/remove programs and delete the patches that corresponded with the newest update file. I wish I could give you more details but it has been a while since I have fixed this problem. If you need any more help, let me know I can try some more details.
Ive seen this a few times. It goes away if u unstall the update and reinstall it as other people here suggested. I also seen another computer with that prob. recently. I looked up what it tried to install, then i tried to install it through online windows updates, and they failed because of not genuine product. This was Office 2007, and the update was for office.
I'm just blowin' steam for a minute because I'm a software engineer but the whole concept of installing updates at shutdown time is #1 an unreliable path to pursue and #2 not implemented correctly at all by microsoft. How many times has a person clicked on shutdown only to realize they need the flash drive that's plugged in while xp begins to install "updates" at shutdown time for the next twenty+ minutes. Not to mention the situation of a notebook computer running on batteries. Where's the cancel button for the user if needed during the installation of updates (if any) at shutdown. Microsoft idiots. It's almost as if microsoft doesn't --- test their software for usability. How many MILLIONS of times have users clicked on shutdown only to realize one minute later that it's not shutting down because of updates, because the configuration is currently set to automatic updates. It's not implemented right at all and I've seen so much inconsiderate crap from microsoft over the years that I believe they should be criticized whenever possible. For the past twenty years microsoft has a bad track record of not listening to the professional IT world. Thanks for the post/thread.
I am having the exact same problem for last 2 weeks. Every time, the windows updates installation fails without telling me why. I have deleted every previous update (except sp3), just to see if that was the reason. But it makes no difference. It keeps trying to install, and keeps failing without any error code or reason.

Btw the updates include xp updates and office updates (about 15 altogether).

Can anybody tell me what is going on?
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